Understand Phenomena in the Viscous Catenary Problem via Simulation

Bridget Cunningham March 22, 2017

The viscous catenary problem is theoretically and experimentally significant in many industries due to the complex phenomena it entails. Simulation can help us understand this problem.

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Bridget Cunningham March 21, 2017

Bad weather and harsh environmental conditions can negatively effect antenna directivity, and in turn, wireless communication. Using simulation, you can design radomes that improve this quality.

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Caty Fairclough March 17, 2017

Modeling complete hearing aid systems is extremely computationally expensive. Enter lumped-parameter modeling, which enables you to couple a system component to a test setup for validation.

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Kristoffer Raneflod March 15, 2017

Say you want to base your model on data kept in the Excel® spreadsheet software. Using LiveLink™ for Excel®, you can interface between the spreadsheet and the COMSOL Multiphysics® software.

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Edmund Dickinson March 14, 2017

Learn the appropriate boundary conditions for performing a corrosion analysis in which an electrode is connected to an external short circuit.

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Bridget Cunningham March 13, 2017

Chronic kidney disease can be effectively diagnosed, prevented, and treated through the use of noninvasive CSRR-based sensors. Researchers optimized the design of these sensors with simulation.

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Bridget Cunningham March 10, 2017

Pass the salt…for a clean energy solution. Salinity gradient power relies on osmosis between fresh- and saltwater to generate power, and simulation can help analyze and optimize such systems.

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Bridget Cunningham March 9, 2017

In order to design superconducting magnets for a particle accelerator, such as the Large Hadron Collider at CERN, researchers need to simulate and optimize their electrothermal transients.

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Nancy Bannach March 8, 2017

A simulation application, such as one for a thermoelectric cooler design, can be used to test a variety of parameters in order to optimize a device for a specific use.

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Caty Fairclough March 6, 2017

To study a utility boiler furnace, you need to account for the effects of radiation, which is difficult to solve for analytically and study experimentally. That’s where simulation comes in.

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Walter Frei March 2, 2017

Compute the distance between two deforming objects in the COMSOL Multiphysics® software. Here’s how…

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