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COMSOL Conference 2013 Boston Paper and Poster Winners

October 14, 2013

On Thursday evening of the COMSOL Conference 2013 Boston, winners of the top papers and posters were presented with their awards. Reading through their papers and posters, I noticed a common theme: they all included experimental validation of their simulation results. While modeling provides crucial insight and understanding, as well as the opportunity to design and optimize your applications and processes, its credibility often depends on whether results test well against known results. The award winners at the multiphysics conference […]

Learn About Structural Corrosion Modeling from NRL

August 19, 2013

Structural corrosion modeling has long been considered a tough problem to solve. The combination of coupled physics effects and metal shape change pose quite a computational challenge. Fortunately, engineers have found that multiphysics software brings a solution. A great example of this is coming up at the COMSOL Conference 2013 Boston this fall, when Dr. Siddiq Qidwai from the Naval Research Laboratory will take the stage and let us in on how to properly model structural corrosion.

Lam Research on Simulation of Wafer Fabrication and Moore’s Law

August 5, 2013

We have come to take for granted the ever-increasing performance gains in computational power. Enabled by advances in semiconductor processing techniques, we reap the benefits from exciting new features in everything from smartphones to workstations. The good news for all of us is that the semiconductor industry is steaming ahead, relentlessly pushing the limits of wafer fabrication. Each year, a new generation of sophisticated fabrication equipment is developed. Features etched on silicon are now at the atomic scale. In the […]

Hear About Designing Efficient Appliances from Mieletec FH Bielefeld

July 30, 2013

In 1898, Carl Miele and Reinhard Zinkann founded the Miele company. Since then, it has grown into one of the world’s foremost producers of household appliances, including washing machines and cooking devices for both domestic and professional use. Miele has created a joint research laboratory, mieletec, with the University of Applied Sciences in Bielefeld, Germany. There, the foundations are being laid for the next generation of resource and energy efficient household appliances. This October, you have the chance to hear […]

ETREMA to Talk About Transducer Design using Smart Materials

July 26, 2013

Julie Slaughter and her team at ETREMA Products are in the enviable position as the sole U.S. provider of the smart material Terfenol-D, and developer of products based on this material. Terfenol-D is said to produce giant magnetostriction that boasts strains 100 times higher than traditional magnetostrictive materials, such as iron. Just imagine the possibilities of applications harnessing this amazing material property. If you’re attending the COMSOL Conference in Boston this October, you will hear ETREMA talk about transducer design […]

Keynote Speaker from Philips to Talk about Pulmonary Drug Delivery

July 4, 2013

Philips Research Laboratories, located in Eindhoven, is often considered to be an incubator of ideas. The prestigious institute has traditionally been the core of all new product developments at Philips, and many of their forefront discoveries were made here. In October, Senior Scientist Alwin Verschueren of Philips Research Laboratories will hold a keynote talk on pulmonary drug delivery at the COMSOL Conference Rotterdam 2013.

Keynote Video: Multiphysics Solutions for Advanced Vehicle R&D

December 27, 2012

Hybrid vehicles are no longer a new concept, but that does not mean research and development (R&D) has ceased. If anything, it is ramping up as demand for hybrid design optimization continues to grow. Ercan Dede from Toyota Research Institute of North America held a keynote talk at the COMSOL Conference Boston 2012 on how they are using multiphysics modeling for advanced vehicle systems R&D. If you weren’t there, you can now watch his keynote in a video format instead.

Keynote Video: Multiphysics Simulation for Patient Safety

November 30, 2012

The second video in our COMSOL Conference Boston 2012 keynote series features Dr. Alan Leewood’s presentation on the use of multiphysics simulation for medical safety applications. The focus of this presentation is on the safety of passive conductive implants during MRI screenings.