Major News in COMSOL Multiphysics® Version 5.4

COMSOL Multiphysics® version 5.4 features new modeling tools, important performance improvements, a new Composite Materials Module, and COMSOL Compiler™ for creating standalone simulation applications and digital twins. Using COMSOL Compiler™, applications created with the Application Builder can be compiled and distributed as executable files for anyone to use without license file restrictions.
We have summarized the major news in COMSOL® software version 5.4 for you below. Browse the menu to the left for more details on core functionality and specific add-on products.

List of Release Highlights Updates

Core Functionality

  • New product: COMSOL Compiler™
  • More than one Parameter node in the Model Builder
  • Group Model Builder nodes into folders
  • Coloring of models based on selections
  • Faster solution time in the Windows® operating system


  • Fully parametric and ready-to-use parts for coils and magnetic cores
  • Electric currents and Joule heating in thin, layered structures
  • More than 40 new substrate materials for printed RF, microwave, and millimeter-wave circuits
  • New boundary conditions for thin metallic layers and antireflective coatings
  • Schrödinger-Poisson Equation interface for semiconductor simulations
  • New and updated Part Library for ray optics
  • More powerful STOP analysis
  • Optical dispersion models for ray optics

Structural Mechanics and Acoustics

  • New product: Composite Materials Module
  • Shock response spectrum analysis
  • Material activation for additive manufacturing
  • Microstructure modeling based on unit cells
  • Axisymmetric shells
  • Soft connectors
  • FSI for shells, membranes, structural assemblies, and multibody dynamics
  • Mullins effect for rubber
  • Damage models for brittle materials such as concrete
  • Acoustic ports
  • Nonlinear acoustic Westervelt computations

Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer

  • Large eddy simulation (LES)
  • FSI for multiphase flow
  • New phase transport models for free and porous media flow
  • Multiphase flow in porous media
  • Updated Euler-Euler, Level-Set, and Mixture Model formulations
  • New non-Newtonian fluid models
  • Heat radiation with diffuse-specular reflections and semitransparent surfaces
  • Surface-to-surface radiation with arbitrary number of spectral bands
  • Light diffusion equation
  • Heat transfer in thin, layered structures


  • Updated Thermodynamics interface
  • Equilibrium reactions in Maxwell-Stefan diffusion
  • The Reacting Flow multiphysics coupling is now available for the Transport of Diluted Species interface
  • Lumped models for batteries
  • Boundary conditions for membranes, such as for electrodialysis

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