LiveLink™ for MATLAB® Updates

For users of LiveLink™ for MATLAB®, COMSOL Multiphysics® version 6.0 brings new user interfaces for existing functionality, new functionality for the mphmin and mphmax functions, and autocompletion for wrapper functions. Read more about these updates below.

New User Interfaces

There are new user interfaces for mphnavigator, mphopen, mphsearch, and mphmodellibrary based on the MATLAB® App Designer. The new user interfaces have a more modern appearance and support resizing. Mphnavigator now starts and responds faster, supports automatic update of properties when properties are outdated, and allows you to create floating windows with property values. These new user interfaces require MATLAB® 2020a or later. The old interfaces will still work, but will not be updated.

A screenshot of the Mphnavigator opened in MATLAB with the geometry node selected and its corresponding information under the properties and methods section.
Mphnavigator showing the geometry information for the tutorial busbar model. Mphgeominfo is a new wrapper function that can be used to retrieve this geometry information on the command line in MATLAB®. The new function mphcomponentinfo and the updated function mphmeshstats can be used to retrieve more information about components and meshes.

Mphmin and mphmax

Mphmin and mphmax can now be used to retrieve the coordinates for where the minimum and maximum values are found in the model. This is controlled using the position property.


When using the Command Windows, the MATLAB® editor or the MATLAB® Live Editor now includes autocompletion for the wrapper functions that come with LiveLink™ for MATLAB®. This makes it easier to enter commands and assists with the proper use of geometry tags, solver tags, and more. When entering commands, the autocompletion machinery will use the model variables available in the MATLAB® workspace that are automatically provided. The model content is furthermore used to assist with available property names and valid values.

Example showing how entering an mphplot command becomes much easier with autocompletion when model variable name, plot tags, and property names and values are automatically filled out.

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