Error: Failed to Find a Solution. Returned Solution is Not Converged

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I get this message: Failed to find a solution. The relative residual (0.28) is greater than the relative tolerance. Returned solution is not converged. Messages similar to this are returned for nonlinear problems ...

Avoiding Negative Concentrations

Solution Number: 952 Applies to: CFD Module, Chemical Reaction Engineering Module, COMSOL Multiphysics, Corrosion Module, Electrochemistry Module, Electrodeposition Module, Microfluidics Module, Mixer Module, Subsurface Flow Module Versions: All versions

Why do I get negative values of the concentration in my diffusion, convection and reaction model? Why do I see values that go below, or above, their lowest, or highest, possible values based upon the boundary ...

What Does Degrees of Freedom (DOFs) Mean in COMSOL Multiphysics?

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What does degrees of freedom (DOFs) mean in COMSOL Multiphysics? The solution time and memory requirements are strongly related to the number of degrees of freedom in the model. It is often desirable to be able to ...

Modeling of Step Transitions

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You may want to define loads, material properties, or boundary conditions that vary abruptly with respect to the solution, or with respect to time. This can, however, lead to a solution which is discontinuous in space ...

Handling Large Models

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Models with many domains, boundaries, and physics features are slow to work with. Large models can contain hundreds or even thousands of domains, boundaries, and physics features. Such a large number of features ...

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