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Optimization Blog Posts

3 Ways to Optimize the Current in Electromagnetic Coils

April 10, 2017

We give you 3 ways to optimize the current in electromagnetic coil designs using the AC/DC Module and Optimization Module, add-on products to COMSOL Multiphysics®.

How to Use Acoustic Topology Optimization in Your Simulation Studies

November 3, 2016

Today, guest blogger René Christensen of GN Hearing discusses the importance of acoustic topology optimization and how to apply it in COMSOL Multiphysics. Topology optimization is a powerful tool that enables engineers to find optimal solutions to problems related to their applications. Here, we’ll take a closer look at topology optimization as it relates to acoustics and how we optimally distribute acoustic media to obtain a desired response. Several examples will further illustrate the potential of this optimization technique.

Improving Vascular Access for the Treatment of ESRD Patients

March 1, 2016

By combining CFD simulations with shape optimization techniques, biomedical engineers can better understand and predict vascular access for renal disease treatments.

Designing New Structures with Shape Optimization

December 29, 2015

Get a comprehensive background on using shape optimization to design new structures, with the example of a classical beam thickness problem.

Changing the Dimensions of a Model Using Shape Optimization

December 24, 2015

If your model has a single objective function to be improved, a set of geometric parameters to be changed, and a set of constraints, you can find the optimal structure without any remeshing.

TNO Advances Virtual Material Design in 3D Printing

December 23, 2015

Researchers at the Netherlands Organization for Applied Scientific Research (TNO) are investigating how 3D printing can be applied to material design. Get the full story.

Finding a Structure’s Best Design with Topology Optimization

September 23, 2015

Think about the first architects who designed a bridge above water. The design process likely included several trials and subsequent failures before they could safely allow people to cross the river. COMSOL Multiphysics and the Optimization Module would have helped make this process much simpler, if they had computers at the time, of course. Before we start to discuss building and optimizing bridges, let’s first identify the best design for a simple beam with the help of topology optimization.

Multistudy Structural Optimization of a Bracket

September 11, 2015

Weight reduction is a key focus in the automotive industry, where lightweight materials equal more fuel-efficient cars. Here, we perform a multistudy structural optimization of 1 component.