COMSOL Client for Android™ Available on the Google Play™ Store

April 24, 2019

You can now access COMSOL® software simulations from your Android™ device via the COMSOL Client for Android™ app on the Google Play™ store. When you run an application via the COMSOL Client for Android™ on a Chromebook™ notebook computer, tablet, or smartphone, your device does not need to perform the multiphysics calculations. Instead, this is done through the usage of COMSOL Server™, which gives application users access to the same powerful simulation technology of the COMSOL Multiphysics® software.

Why Run Simulation Applications via Android™?

COMSOL Server makes it possible to use the computational power of COMSOL Multiphysics from mobile devices. Previously, you would access COMSOL Server from a mobile device by using a web browser. With the new COMSOL Client for Android™ app, available for download on Google Play™, the experience is taken up a notch. The seamless integration with the Android™ platform enables you to run applications in full screen, easily switch between running applications, and even run multiple applications on split screens.

A photograph of a simulation application accessed from a tablet using COMSOL Client for Android™.
COMSOL Client for Android™ steps up the user experience when running multiphysics simulations on tablets, smartphones, and Chromebook™ notebook computers.

The use of applications is not limited to simulation engineers. Application users also include those working closely to R&D, technical sales engineers, team members on the factory floor, and even people working with field measurements. These application users benefit from COMSOL Client for Android™ because it lets them run these easy-to-use simulation applications from their smartphones, tablets, or Chromebook™ notebook computers whenever they need to — and wherever they are.

Keep reading to see what COMSOL Client for Android™ has to offer…

Support for All Types of Simulations

Any model created with COMSOL Multiphysics can be transformed into a simulation application, and any simulation application can be used in combination with COMSOL Server™ and the COMSOL Client for Android™. This means that there are almost unlimited possibilities to run structural, electromagnetics, acoustics, and fluid flow analyses; multiphysics simulations; and more from Android™ devices.

With COMSOL Server™, applications are managed through a web interface. Anyone with access can log into COMSOL Server™ and run simulations via a web browser or COMSOL Client for Android™ (there is also a COMSOL Client for Windows® option). With this functionality, the computations are always made on the server-side, which enables application users to run all types of analyses, from small simulations that take seconds to solve to large-scale simulations on clusters.

It’s Easy to Install

On your Android™ device, simply open Google Play™ and search for COMSOL Client. Then, install the app on your device, open it, and accept the license agreement.

Once the app has started, you add the address to the COMSOL Server™ installation you want to connect to and enter your login credentials to access the server.


A Better Tablet Experience

The COMSOL Client for Android™ provides a smoother user experience for consistent users of simulation applications on tablets — something that is better shown than said. The video below shows a real-time demonstration of COMSOL Client for Android™, showing the features in the COMSOL Server interface, as well as the application experience itself. For this demo, we use a biosensor application with a user interface that has been designed to fit a tablet. In a future blog post, we will go into more detail about how to design a simulation application for smaller screens, such as tablets.


Next Step

Learn more about the COMSOL Server™ deployment product for spreading access to simulation analyses:


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