Industry: Continuum Blue Simulates Structural Mechanics

January 16, 2013

On January 10th, hundreds of people tuned in to hear COMSOL and Continuum Blue discuss Structural Mechanics simulations in certain industry applications. As promised in my previous blog post on multiphysics modeling webinars happening in 2013, here is a round-up of the event — including a video excerpt detailing three structural analysis examples presented by Continuum Blue.

Structural Mechanics Simulations in Industry

In the video you will see three industry applications: two pertaining to oil & gas, and one automotive example. The oil & gas examples involve subsea cables and trefoil cable cleats, while a heat exchanger represents an automotive application. For structural analyses of cables, Continuum Blue have developed their own cable builder tool in MATLAB® to turn their client’s cross-section drawings into a 3D model. Then, using LiveLink™ for MATLAB®, Continuum Blue are able to seamlessly interface their cable builder tool with COMSOL Multiphysics® where the design can be analyzed. You’ve heard us talk about subsea cables before, both on the blog and in COMSOL News. Now you get to hear directly from COMSOL Certified Consultant Continuum Blue how they were able to help their client go from cable cross-section drawings to a full fatigue and stress analysis of their design.

I think you’ll agree that Continuum Blue’s work is impressive, and if you like the video excerpt above you can catch the full-length archived Structural Mechanics Simulations webinar as well.

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