ECAD Import Module Updates

Eliminating Short Edges During Import

The ECAD Import Module includes two new options for ignoring unnecessary vertices and thereby eliminating short edges when generating the 2D geometries from the layouts imported from IPC-2581, ODB++, and GDS files. In a subsequent step, these 2D geometries are extruded to 3D geometries. The reduced number of vertices and edges results in fewer 3D faces and more efficient models in terms of meshing, degrees of freedom, and computation time. When importing any of these file formats, the Import settings now include a new Ignore vertices in layers section with Ignore vertices with continuous tangent and Eliminate short edges check boxes.

Importing a PCB geometry with the new Ignore vertices with continuous tangent option (right) results in many fewer short edges and small faces than without the option (left). The thickness of the traces is exaggerated in the image. The ODB++ file is provided courtesy of Hypertherm, Inc., Hanover, NH, U.S.

Support for implementation of the ODB++ Format was provided by Mentor Graphics Corporation pursuant to the ODB++ Solutions Development Partnership General Terms and Conditions (