LiveLink™ for Simulink® Updates

For users of LiveLink™ for Simulink®, COMSOL Multiphysics® version 6.1 provides improved performance and stability for cosimulation and unit display for the COMSOL Cosimulation block. Read more about these updates below.

Faster Cosimulations

The COMSOL Cosimulation block enables simulation of entire COMSOL models within a Simulink diagram. The cosimulation block has been updated with improved technology that is more robust and runs faster than in previous versions.

A Simulink diagram showing cosimulation of a lithium battery model.
The 1D Lithium-Ion Battery Model Charge Control tutorial model is used to show cosimulation of a lithium battery model within a Simulink diagram.

Unit Support for the COMSOL Cosimulation Block

For COMSOL Cosimulation blocks, it is now possible to display units for inputs, outputs, and block parameters. The displayed units can help ensure that the correct units are used for inputs and block parameters. Outputs from the COMSOL Cosimulation block are converted to the displayed units, which you can specify when setting up the cosimulation.

A Simulink diagram showing the inputs and outputs of an actuator model.
The On/Off Control of a Thermal Actuator tutorial model is used to demonstrate how an actuator model from COMSOL® is integrated into a Simulink diagram. The actuator is activated by setting a voltage (input) difference that drives a current that, in turn, causes Joule heating and subsequent thermal expansion of the actuator, which is used as the actuation mechanism. The displacement and maximum temperature of the structure are outputs from the COMSOL model.