Daria Wotzka Research — WoRes

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WoRes is a Polish company that applies modern mathematical solutions to industrial engineering. We help entrepreneurs and manufacturers access the most up-to-date knowledge that advanced mathematical methods have to offer. We often work with companies without their own research and development facilities as well as those that design devices by building and testing physical prototypes.

Areas of Expertise

We are experienced in helping to develop prototypes that involve multiple physical phenomena, including:

  • CFD
  • The generation and distribution of heat and cold in solid and liquid materials
  • The generation and distribution of mechanical vibration and noise
  • Electromagnetic wave propagation in optical and lighting devices, such as LED lamps

Available Services

We help our clients create innovative and energy-efficient industrial products by using numerical modeling and the COMSOL Multiphysics® simulation software. By providing advanced mathematical solutions that support and optimize key products and processes, we aim to add value to our customers' companies. In particular, we focus on developing solutions that reduce construction and operation costs, thereby increasing how competitive a product or process is on the market.

Address and Contact Information

Szpitalna 17a/5
45-010 Opole, Poland
Phone: +48 605 68 11 04
Email: wores@wotzka.eu