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Address & Contact Information

Raychem RPG Pvt. Ltd

Safari Crossing, Near Halol GIDC
Village - Kanjari, Taluka: Halol
Halol, Panchmahal
Gujarat 389950, India
Website: https://www.raychemrpg.com/about_ric.php

Ishant Jain

Head, Material and Processing CoE, Raychem Innovation Center (Corp. R&D)
Email: Ishant_jain@raychemrpg.com
Phone: +91-8092086073

Raychem Innovation Centre (RIC), the corporate R&D division of RRL, has been established with an aim to develop products with the theme of "Power Saving and Protection". Energy prices have been increasing at an alarming rate, and there is also an increased awareness of the impact on the environment of such energy products. Many organizations are looking for ways to conserve energy, reduce carbon emission, and save on overall utility costs. We work toward achieving total sustainability and reduced power consumption in all of the products and services of Raychem RPG.

Raychem Innovation Center has a collective experience in innovation, product development, process improvement, and the application of FEA, multiphysics computational analysis, and simulation. Having delivered more than 50 projects in the past few years to various internal stakeholders and external customers, we boast our expertise in FEA analytics and our ability to extend its functionality with our in-depth knowledge of physics, mechanics, electrical, material, computational science, and real-world processes to a wide range of applications.

Domain We Serve

We offer our services in a variety of sectors, which include:

  • Industrial heating
  • Polymers and metallurgy
  • Oil & gas
  • Transformers
  • Electrical
  • Transmission and distribution
  • Energy storage (solar)
  • Railway & defense
  • Steelmaking & casting

Areas of Expertise

Our resources are coupled with years of practical experience in offering engineering simulation solutions. We provide engineering and analytics services for design, analysis, manufacturing, and support. Our core strength and expertise lie in the following areas:

  • Heat transfer:
    • Conduction, convection and radiation
    • Conjugate heat transfer
  • Electromagnetics:
    • Electric and magnetic fields
    • Interactions over an extended frequency range
  • Computational fluid dynamics (CFD):
    • Single and multiphase flow
    • Conjugate heat transfer
    • Flow in porous media, cabinet cooling, BESS analysis
  • Structural mechanics:
    • Complex deformation
    • Residual stresses
    • Fatigue, large displacement, design of experiments
  • Hyperelastic analysis:
    • Nonlinear physics for polymer behavior analysis
  • Multibody dynamics:
    • Designing and optimizing multibody structural mechanics systems
  • Fluid-structure interactions (FSI):
    • Elastic, inelastic, and time-dependent response
  • Materials:
    • Composite material analysis
    • Complex material behavior
  • Thermal tool development:
    • Online health monitoring of furnaces, transformers, etc.
  • Medium and high voltage:
    • Short-circuit analysis
  • Energy management systems (EMS):
    • Structural analysis
    • Seismic analysis
    • Electronics packaging
    • Thermal characterization

The Raychem Analytics team has recognized experts in numerical modeling, simulation, and optimization tools based on the COMSOL® software. We have developed and delivered many applications for various stakeholders. We also offer specific skills in the areas of advanced materials, dynamic systems modeling, and design for vibration.

Consultant Contributions