File Import for CATIA® V5

Bring Together CAD Design and Simulation

To provide the highest quality data translation for CATIA® V5 files, the File Import for CATIA® V5 add-on is available for use with the CAD Import Module, the Design Module, LiveLink™ for AutoCAD®, LiveLink™ for Inventor®, LiveLink™ for PTC Creo Parametric™, LiveLink™ for Revit®, LiveLink™ for Solid Edge®, and LiveLink™ for SOLIDWORKS®.

Users can save time during simulation set up by using selections automatically created from component names in imported assemblies. Selections are also created based on layers, materials, and colors assigned to components and faces in the imported file. With this feature, users can assign material properties to domains that are automatically grouped together in a selection named for the material of the corresponding components in the imported file.

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A geometry for an industrial fan design imported from a CATIA V5 file overlaid on a COMSOL Multiphysics UI, showing the settings for the Import node.

Associative Geometry Import for Faster Design Iterations

Performing design iterations is easy with File Import for CATIA® V5. The geometry import of CATIA® V5 files is associative, which means that the software can identify and keep track of the geometric entities imported from assembly files and a CATIA® V5 part. This information is used when the file is reimported after a design update when, for example, dimensions are changed — this is to ensure that the simulation settings are retained in the modified geometry.

Supported Formats for File Import and Export

File Format Extension Version Import Export
CATIA® V5 .CATPart, .CATProduct R8-2024

The File Import for CATIA® V5 add-on to the CAD Import Module, Design Module, and LiveLink™ products for CAD is only available for Windows® 10 and Windows® 11.

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