Material Library

Augment Your COMSOL Multiphysics® Models with Material Properties from the Material Library

Material Library

The Material Library augments the Material Browser with 10,328 more materials. Each material consists of properties defined by expressions and/or functions, references to where the properties came from, and the composition and other information about the material.

Over 10,328 Materials with up to 42 Key Properties Each

COMSOL Multiphysics gives you complete control over both the definitions and use of your material properties through the Model Builder and Material Browser. The Material Browser allows you to manage all of your model’s materials in one place, and can be complemented by the Material Library. The library contains data for 10,328 materials – including the elements, minerals, metal alloys, thermal insulators, semiconductors, and piezoelectric materials.

Each material is represented by referenced property functions, for as many as 42 key properties that are dependent on some variable (typically, temperature). You can plot and inspect these function definitions, as well as add to and alter them. They can then be used in any other physics simulation couplings that also depend on the property function variable in your multiphysics modeling.

Available Materials:

  • The Elements
  • Fe & Ni Alloys
  • Al & Cu Alloys
  • Mg & Ti Alloys
  • Zn & Precious Metal Alloys
  • Oxides
  • Carbides, Cermets, & Tool Steels
  • Carbons & Thermal Insulation
  • Intermetallics, Thermal Barries Coatings, & Refractory Metals
  • Polyamides & Polyesters
  • Acetal, PVDF, & EVA
  • Elastomers & Epoxies
  • Misc. Polymers & Polymer Composites
  • Minerals, Rock, Soil & Woods
  • Polypropylenes & pet
  • Controlled Expansion & Thermocouple Alloys
  • Semiconductors, Optical, & Other Materials
  • Solders, Dental & Co Alloys
  • Resistance & Magnetic Alloys
  • Metal Matrix & Ceramic Matrix Composites
  • Salts, Fuel Cell, Battery & Electroceramics
  • Silicides & Borides
  • Glasses, Metallic Glasses, Nitrides, & Beryllides
  • Cast Irons & Mold Materials
  • Organics, Hydrocarbons, and Foods

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