COMSOL Compiler™ Updates

For users of the COMSOL Compiler™ product, version 5.5 of the COMSOL® software brings smaller executable files and other general improvements. Read more about these COMSOL Compiler™ updates below.

Compile Applications to Smaller Executable Files

Compiled applications use COMSOL Runtime™ in order to run, which needs to be installed on the target computer. You can now create compiled applications that download and install this runtime on-demand, whereas previously it was embedded into each compiled application. By excluding COMSOL Runtime™, you are able to create much smaller executable files for users that already have the runtime installed on their computers. In addition, the runtime itself is now contained in a full-fledged installer, which makes it possible to install and uninstall runtimes for different COMSOL® software versions.

The splash screen showing the green progress bar when running the COMSOL Runtime installer for version 5.5.
The COMSOL Runtime™ installer for standalone applications created with the Application Builder in COMSOL Multiphysics® and compiled with COMSOL Compiler™.

General Improvements

  • Support for compiling MPH-files larger than 4 GB on the Windows® operating system
    • A .dat file is needed to distribute together with the executable
  • Improved support for specifying the icon for the compiled executable
    • This includes support for .ico files on the Windows® operating system and .icns files on macOS
  • Custom-made physics interfaces, created with the Physics Builder, are now automatically embedded into the compiled application
    • This makes it much easier to share such applications
  • The COMSOL Runtime™ installer now supports installing the necessary components for the bidirectional LiveLink™ for CAD interfaces