File Import for CATIA® V5 Updates

Associative Geometry Import

The import of CATIA® V5 files is now associative, which means that the physics and other settings on the geometry are retained after a reimport of the file, for example, when dimensions are changed. To do this, the initial import reads information in the CATIA® V5 file to identify the geometric objects and entities, such as the faces, edges, and points in the file. Then, using this information, the entities are identified again the next time the file is imported.

Reimporting a modified version of this geometry of an industrial fan housing preserves the selection of faces used for generating the flow volume.

Selections from Materials, Layers, and Colors

The import functionality now generates selections based on the material and layer assignments of the geometric objects, when available in the CATIA® V5 file. Selections are also generated for assigned colors to geometric entities, such as faces and edges, for example. The selections can be reviewed and renamed in the Settings window for the Import feature, and can be made available for the physics definitions.

The COMSOL Multiphysics version 5.5 UI showing an imported CATIA V5 assembly with the pink and yellow faces preserved.
The colors assigned to faces in this CATIA® V5 assembly are preserved after the import and are used to generate selections that can then be used for setting up the simulation.

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