ECAD Import Module Updates

Automatically Exclude Objects Outside the Board

When importing copper layers from IPC-2581 and ODB++ files, you can automatically exclude symbols located outside a specified distance from the edge of the board. There is an Ignore objects outside of board check box that, when checked, enables an expression field to define the offset distance.

A PCB model is imported into COMSOL Multiphysics and two objects located outside the board are excluded.
The two highlighted text boxes on the copper layers are automatically excluded when importing the board using the new Ignore objects outside of board setting for PCB import (seen at the bottom of the Settings window in this screenshot).

Reload Layer Information

A new button, Reload Layers, is now available when importing the GDS-II, IPC-2581, and ODB++ formats. Use this button to reread the layer information from the ECAD file if the file has changed on the disk after the last time it was imported.

The Settings window for the Import feature when hovering over the Reload Layers button.
The Reload Layers button (highlighted) below the Layers to import table in the Settings window when importing an ODB++ file.

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