The new version of COMSOL Multiphysics® introduces new features and products including the Application Builder that promises to revolutionize simulation as we know it.

COMSOL Multiphysics®

  • The Application Builder for creating specialized applications from COMSOL models for use by engineers and designers throughout your organization
  • Large expansion of the range of predefined multiphysics couplings
  • New solver algorithm for fast meshing and simulation of complex CAD assemblies where non-conforming meshes with hanging nodes are allowed
  • Support for multiscale simulations using extra dimensions
  • Create geometries from imported meshes and then edit these using solid operations

Interfacing & Multipurpose

  • New Design Module to expand the available toolset of CAD operations to include: loft, fillet, chamfer, midsurface, and thicken
  • New LiveLink™ for Revit®, which allows COMSOL Multiphysics® users to interface with the building information modeling software, Autodesk® Revit®
  • Multianalysis optimization utilizing combinations of different study types
  • Accumulation of particles, erosion, and etching can be simulated in the Particle Tracing Module


  • New Ray Optics Module treats electromagnetic waves as rays in systems where the wavelength is much smaller than its encompassing geometry
  • Frequency- and material-controlled one-click meshing to set-up infinite elements, perfectly-matched layers (PMLs), and periodic conditions
  • New interfaces for equilibrium discharge simulations in the Plasma Module
  • Optoelectronics simulations with the Semiconductor Module and the Wave Optics Module


  • Two new methods, in the Acoustics Module, for modeling high frequency or geometrical acoustics: Ray Acoustics and Acoustic Diffusion
  • Support for modeling thin layers, thin films, rods, and fractures that does not tax computational resources in the Heat Transfer Module
  • Model geometrically nonlinear beams, nonlinear elastic materials, and elasticity in joints using the structural mechanics based products

Fluid & Chemical

  • New algebraic turbulence models for faster simulations: Algebraic yPlus and L-VEL
  • Support for turbulence in grilles and fans
  • Reactive Pellet Bed interface that makes use of the extra dimensions feature
  • New Chemistry interface and revamped Reaction Engineering interface

General News

  • Application Builder
  • Geometry and Mesh
  • Studies and Solvers
  • Results and Visualization
  • Physics Interfaces


  • Ray Optics Module
  • AC/DC Module
  • RF Module and Wave Optics Module
  • MEMS Module
  • Plasma Module
  • Semiconductor Module


  • Heat Transfer Module
  • Acoustics Module
  • Multibody Dynamics Module
  • Fatigue Module
  • Structural Mechanics Module
  • Nonlinear Structural Materials Module
  • Geomechanics Module


  • CFD Module
  • Mixer Module
  • Microfluidics Module
  • Molecular Flow Module
  • Pipe Flow Module
  • Subsurface Flow Module


  • Chemical Reaction Engineering Module
  • Batteries and Fuel Cells Module
  • Electrodeposition Module
  • Corrosion Module
  • Electrochemistry Module


  • Optimization Module
  • Particle Tracing Module
  • Material Library


  • Design Module
  • CAD-based Products
  • LiveLink™ for MATLAB®
  • LiveLink™ for Excel®
  • LiveLink™ for Revit®

Creating simulations is complex. Use the Application Builder to turn your COMSOL Multiphysics model into easy-to-use apps.

What would happen if you could share your COMSOL Multiphysics models with your entire organization as intuitive applications designed to meet their specific needs and purposes?


Streamlined Workflow

Instead of running a model simulation several times as required by your colleagues, you are providing them with the ability to run their own simulations. These would only include the parameters relevant to the design of a specific device or product.


Increased Productivity

Additional people utilizing simulations will lead to more improved and optimized designs and processes. Limiting the inputs and variables of a model to only those required for a project decreases the chance of human error and speeds up the simulation process.


Simulation Exposure and Appreciation

With the Application Builder, COMSOL Multiphysics users can now build applications for use by engineering and manufacturing departments, expanding accessibility to their expertise and cutting-edge simulation solutions. Now everyone will be able to directly see the impact that modeling has on their work.

Introduction to the Application Builder

Application creation integrated into your workflow

This video takes your through the workflow for setting up and running a specialized application.

The process for building an application starts with a simple command: Save Model as Application. From here, the Application Builder will swiftly take you through the different steps for building your application, from choosing the parameters that you want to make available for manipulation in the application's user interface to the postprocessing and presentation of results most relevant to the application user. Modeling power that has traditionally been geared towards the engineering analyst or expert can now be employed by all members of your organization.

This model and application simulate the static electromagnetic field of an outward flux focusing magnetic rotor using permanent magnets, known as a Halbach rotor. The accurate modeling of a permanent magnet's fields is important for such a device. The derived application from the model allows the engineer or technician to focus on just that one aspect.

Using the Application Builder, you simply select one of your existing models to create an intuitive and specific interface in your application. An easy-to-use Form Editor creates this user interface through click and drag-and-drop operations, while a flexible Method Editor allows you to program customized commands. You control the inputs and outputs for the application and your applications can be as advanced, or as simple, as your design.

This model and application simulate the static electromagnetic field of an outward flux focusing magnetic rotor using permanent magnets, known as a Halbach rotor. The accurate modeling of a permanent magnet's fields is important for such a device. The derived application from the model allows the engineer or technician to focus on just that one aspect.

The Application Builder

Update to version 5.0

The Application Builder is included with all copies of COMSOL Multiphysics 5.0. Just download and upgrade today to get started.

Download 5.0

COMSOL Server™ is the engine for running your simulation apps and the platform for controlling their deployment and distribution.

Provide simulation throughout your organization with industry-specific apps built by experts.

In COMSOL Multiphysics® version 5.0, industry experts can develop apps based on their models. Using the Application Builder, models are given customized user interfaces, where the expert decides which inputs and outputs the end-user will require to run the simulations specific to their needs. This brings the power of simulation directly to groups throughout your organization.

Process and product designers as well as manufacturing teams will enjoy the benefits of multiphysics modeling – even without simulation expertise.

These applications can be uploaded to COMSOL Server™, then accessed and run from anywhere within your organization's worldwide structure.

Flexible licensing allows your colleagues to access COMSOL Server™ and run your app from anywhere within your organization. You can even allow your customers, clients, vendors, or partners outside your organization to run your applications on your worldwide COMSOL Server™ license. Alternatively, you may host it on a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) and use this infrastructure to control access and monetize your apps and services.


Update to version 5.0

Start building your applications today by upgrading to COMSOL Multiphysics® version 5.0 with the new Application Builder. COMSOL Server™ is the future of tomorrow.

Download 5.0